Yesterday, 61 year old Stuart Saunto of Lansing went golfing with his wife Tina Billis Saunto (friends of mine) at Waabooz Run in Mt. Pleasant. Note that he has a 'boot' for his broken foot. He sustained that injury a few weeks ago while golfing; he went looking for his ball 'in the rough' when a misstep caused the break.

One of the things I admire about Tina is her passion for life. When I asked her for more details of Stuart's feat yesterday, she said:

OMG!! It was the first shot of the course, of the day at Mt. Pleasant Waabooz Run. We started on the back nine, so tenth hole. 145 yards. Yes...his very first hole-in-one!!! He started golfing about 6-7 years ago, but as a young teen had to caddy for his father, which for many years made him not care for the game. Also, he got his first birdie ever!!! He hit and played his best game ever yesterday!! The old guys on the course congratulated him, went in and told the manager Steve that the guy with the broken leg just got a hole in one!!! (Actually his foot is broken!) They are giving Stuart a certificate for this accomplishment!! OPA!! Thank you Deb!! OX


Congrats, Stuart!

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