Scrolling through the Facebook rabbit-hole of time destruction yesterday, I saw a post on Jon Somerville's page about his friend 49 year old Bruce Oberlin of Lansing, who scored a hole-in-one this past Friday, September 14, 2018 while playing Timber Ridge Golf Course with a group of 16 people.

Oberlin scored his ace on the 8th hole with his 8 iron.   Oberlin, who has been playing golf since he was 25 years old, wasn't terribly anxious to tell his story, but gave me permission to tell his story.

He said, "The great about sports is that it brings people together...two of the players I has never met before and after that we had the best team unity that we'll have to look back on forever. I received so many "congrats"...I recommend a hole in one. Pretty cool and yes....I had to buy drinks all day...

Somerville pointed out that, "#8 at Timber Ridge is an up hill green, so the shot is blind, so we knew three balls should have been on the green - however, only two were there. Our friend crept over to the cup and the celebration ensued." has some pretty cool stats here about hitting an 'ace', which some professional players have never accomplished, while many amateurs have succeeded in finding the right combo of luck and skill to make the elusive hole-in-one.

Mostly the ace happens on a par-3, but it occasionally is scored on a par-4 or par-5

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