'Hearse Fest' in Hell, Michigan, was slated to roll this past Saturday, September 15, 2018, for its 17th year, but the party was 'officially' shut down last month when a Putnam Township Supervisor informed organizers that they were in violation of ordinances by not seeking a permit.

That didn't exactly stop hearse owners from descending upon Hell; the Lansing State Journal reports that about sixty-five such vehicles showed up in the tiny town despite direction from Township Supervisors to stay away.

Organizers of the event were told this year that they needed a permit, which hadn't been the case in past gatherings. It seems that there was concern over an influx of traffic and parking issues, as well as potential obstacle for emergency vehicles' ability to navigate the expected crowds.

Unofficial counts indicated that 750-some hearse owners and the curious came out to see the sights, which were plentiful! Check out some of the pics shared with us by 'Go to Hell'.


Hearse Fest 2018 Go to Hell Pics

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