The live entertainment business is just getting started again, even if it is a slow start. Many musicians and entertainers found the internet very helpful during a long period where they could not perform or practice their craft. A group of smart local musicians who are also friends, after hosting a facebook group created their own website for streaming concerts. Created late in 2020, has provided a platform for these bands to be able to perform for their fans in a safe way.

Lansing City Pulse reports
The virtual venue is the creation of Lansing-based musicians Tommy McCord and Jim Graz and Tim Hoh of the New Jersey punk band Honah Lee. Seeking a clever way to beat the blues of the coronavirus pandemic, the concept of Best Friend’s Club was designed to replicate the social experience of seeing a concert and, well, hanging out with your friends. The live streaming concert video feed provides the music, and the companion chat room can be thought of like the bar side banter.

Best Friend’s Club has grown their audience locally and as far away as New Jersey. They did not like the baggage they experienced by using a corporate entity like Facebook, and it made total sense to create their own platform and move in their own direction with complete freedom.

As the pandemic went on Facebook started cracking down on groups that were posting music and copyrights were being enforced. launched on New Years Eve and they have figured out a lot about the web since then, and they also have a companion chat room to the performance venue supported by Discord for fans to chat about the music.

The way they do their performances is by filming at local venues and studios, then broadcast their Lansing based artists on their internet stream. Remote performers provide their own video feed. Tommy McCord said “We really didn’t know if this was going to work, but it did.”

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Their next big show coming up is on May 21 featuring headlining act Cryptkeeper Five. They are looking forward to getting back to live performing hopefully in the fall. But for now, will fit the bill for sharing performances.


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