We have some pretty grumpy people here in Michigan. It could be the cold. It could be politics or more than likely EVERYONE just needs a good lay. People wouldn't be so crabby if they had their eyes rolled into the back of their head at least once per week. People tend to be a lot nicer when they are sexually satisfied, if you get what I am saying.

Crabby and grumpy aren't attractive features. People see angry people on tv and online and think it's ok to rant about life's most insignificant complaints. No one likes to be around an a$$#0!3. So, most of the time, these grumpy people aren't going to get any without having to pay for it and are starved for human companionship or touch. That is why Lansing could benefit from a "Tickle Bar."

It sounds like a front for a snuggle house but this lady in Dallas is set to open her Tickle Bar on Monday... During the pandemic, in one of the states hit hardest by COVID. "The Tickle Bar" will feature "Tickle Tents" where you can pay to be tickled by a professional for like 40 bucks for a half hour.

We totally need one of these in Lansing to make people less crabby and grumpy but we won't get one because people are too crabby and grumpy... It's a vicious circle. #TICKLELANSING

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