A few years ago, a friend of mine called me at around 11pm. You NEVER get good news after 10pm. "Our friend overdosed and died tonight." He said. My heart fell to the floor. The friend was like family to me but we kind of saw this coming. There was hope for a while but it ended in young man dead on the side of the road in Detroit. It's believed he overdosed and his "friends" left him there to die. I don't know if what he had was laced with the killer Fentanyl. I spoke at his funeral and I hope to never do it again. Our hope was his death saved many more.

A few years later, the guy who called me to tell me our friend had died, died himself. This was one of my oldest friends. The report we got was that he had taken too much sedative (legal drug name omitted), mixed it with alcohol and somehow accidentally suffocated himself.

Two friends from the same family gone to overdose related deaths. Narcotics and sedatives are the #1 and #2 causes of overdose deaths and it isn't even close.

It's an epidemic and Lansing is the #5 city for overdose deaths in Michigan. Click here to see the story. Detroit is #1. One line from the story jumped out at me.

"Among patients whose first narcotic prescriptions were written between 2014 and 2015, those who died of a drug overdose were prescribed narcotics for only eight months prior to death, on average."

You may need to read that again. It seems the drugs are killing us faster.

With "friends" that leave you to die on the side of the road... It's easy to see why.

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