Lansing Township Police attempted to arrest 31 year old Robert Michael Toth yesterday morning around 3:00 in Ovid on an outstanding felony warrant.

Sounds like one cuff was landed on Toth, along with a taser, during a struggle with the Officer. The Officer was also reportedly tased and assaulted in the struggle with Toth, before Toth fled the scene. He was last spotted running down Gould Road.

Toth, who at last report was still on the lam, may still have a taser in his possession. And he may still have one handcuff attached to his wrist.

The Officer who was assaulted and tased during the Toth struggle is reportedly doing fine.

If you know where Toth can be located, you are asked to call the Lansing Township Police Department at 517-485-1700 opt. (1).

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