Last year, a friend of mine drew this amazing picture of my baby. Click here to see the full story. 

Nug Art3

I am afraid to say, OVER a month ago, another friend Peter Clay wanted to meet up because his mom created an amazing portrait of our baby Nugget. We met up and had lunch at Brody Hall. Peter is an MSU graduate, RABID Spartan fan and hadn't seen Brody since it has become the Mecca of eating in Michigan.

After eating, he hooked me up with this portrait his mother, Marjory Clay drew at her art Barn in Williamston. Click here to see her work on Facebook. Peter said "Yeah, she has had her art used on CBS Sunday Morning."

This was from around a year ago.

Here is the description on her Facebook page. "Marge's Art Barn" is the art studio for Artist Marge Clay. It's a place for friends and family from near and far to create, share and laugh."

Peter said his mom saw my baby's picture and HAD to draw her. It took me long enough to say thanks but we REALLY appreciate the beauty the world sees in our child.

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