UPDATE: A little birdie informed us that Monday, June 18, 2018 is when the new and improved Art's Pub will open for business...

The Lansing State Journal reports here that the construction crews are putting the finishing touches on the extreme renovation of Art's Bar, which includes the new  name: Art's Pub.

Before closing a few years ago, the Kalamazoo Street watering hole had been open for decades, a longtime favorite stop for Greater Lansing after work, golf, softball...whatever created a thirst for a 32 ounce 'shooper' of beer and a hefty slice of pizza.

The original recipe Portland Party Store pizza will still be on the menu when Art's reopens, plus there will be a dozen options for specialty pizzas. The owners of the new Art's have created a full new menu, which you can make your way through at breakfast, lunch and dinner, seven days a week, including brunch on Saturday and Sunday.



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