It's that time of year where more and more neighbors are out mowing and others...not so much. Did you know Jackson actually has an ordinance for this and if they have to come do it, it's not cheap.

My boyfriend and I were actually just talking about our plans for the weekend and he said "I really need to mow" and at first I didn't think it was that bad but now I'm thinking we absolutely need to get on that!

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The Ordinance

According to The City of Jackson website, the city ordinance for weeds and grass says "no property owner shall permit growth of noxious weeds, grass, or other vegetation to a height greater than 8 inches. This is effective from May 1 through October 31."

They also say that accumulation of dead vegetation is not permitted.

Violations usually result in a notice and if still unattended to the city says Public Works will step in and arrange mowing or removal at the property owner's expense.

MLive cites city officials in reporting the fine, on average, is $156, but could vary based on how much needs removing.

Why This Matters

Of course, people like having clean-cut lawns and neighborhoods and officials want their cities to look nice.

According to MLive, while looks are definitely one of the main reasons behind most grass complaints to the city submitted by neighbors, but officials say it also is a matter of safety for areas like intersections.

So while you may not want to feel like a "tattletale" or a "Karen" if someone's lawn is so overgrown it's impeding visibility for those on the roads, yeah, it's time to call.

The City Would Probably Rather Not Get Involved

Look, we are sure city officials don't enjoy going around, measuring people's lawns and charging for it and whatnot. However they will if your lawn becomes a real problem.

For example in 2020, MLive reports, city contractors were called to cut grass and remove weeds at 490 properties which then lead to those residents collectively owing over $126,000 in fines.

City officials did say they want to see those numbers go down this year, though they do understand people have a lot going on.

Of course, you don't just wake up one morning with a fine, though, MLive says city officials warn anyone of the violation which then kicks off a 10-day countdown to fix their lawn before the contractors are brought in and the property owner gets hit with the fine.

Basically, what it comes down to, is even if you do not have the time or the equipment to take care of your lawn, even just paying some kid in your neighborhood to take care of it on a semi-regular basis will probably cost you less than fines from the city!

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