I came across a really cool piece from Huffington Post that illustrates exactly why dog is man's best friend.Being a dog lover myself, I had to click and see further evidence of what I all ready knew. I was floored to see first and foremost a take from Lindsay Vonn and her new healing companion. If you checked out that link above, you'll see a picture of her pooch. That creature of beauty looks strikingly similar to my beloved Maggie. Maggie, like Leo, is a rescue who also had knee issues shortly after she came to her new forever home. Many asked how I could even think about spending that kind of rehab money on a new dog. My question back has always been, "Why wouldn't I? And if not me, then who?" Six years later, thanks to a great procedure performed by Dr. Joe Leppanen, Maggie is moving and grooving like any other Treeing Tennessee Brindle in its prime.

My dog means the world to me. I can't help but believe the joy she brings me is her way of saying thanks for giving her a real life in a home filled with love. Please, always remember, these four-legged friends of ours...dogs, cats, what have you...depend on us to provide, not only love and security, but all things necessary to survive...food, shelter, exercise, fun, and TRUST. So many have been let down by irresponsible owners. Some never readjust to a domesticated setting. Some just sit and wait for what's next. I see so many situations online and on TV as pets are reunited with their owners after being separated for long periods of time, they remember. They have to wonder why their best friend turned their back on them. Lots of families get forced into a bad situation where they have to move to a place that doesn't allow pets. Maybe it's a medical issue. Maybe the human companion dies.

The next time you decide to welcome a pet into your home, remember, there are thousands of dogs, cats, and other pets depending on somebody like you to help them live the life we all want. I promise you, the love and bond you will form with a rescue pet is like no other. Adopt.

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