Michigan residents are on the move throughout the state. The left lane is for passing on Michigan highways. Sometimes people like to "camp" in the left lane and hold up traffic. Is that illegal in Michigan?

Getting stuck behind someone in the left lane on any highway in Michigan is frustrating. Maybe drivers from out of state are unfamiliar with Michigan's laws. Perhaps Michigan residents forgot about the laws in our state. The left lane is for passing someone in the right lane of traffic that is moving forward in the same direction.

Too many times there are people driving in the left lane while passing zero people. The left lane driver also forgets that when passing a vehicle on the right, it is okay to push the gas pedal to accelerate to make the pass quickly. Another reason people like to drive in the right lane is because the left lane tends to be smooth.

Is It Legal To Drive In The Left Lane In Michigan?

According to the the Michigan Legislature:

 Upon each roadway of sufficient width, the driver of a vehicle shall drive the vehicle upon the right half of the roadway, except as follows:
 When overtaking and passing another vehicle proceeding in the same direction under the rules governing that movement.
This means that you can pass in the left lane, it's not your own personal lane to drive in. In other words "Get Out The Way". If the police catch you "camping" in the left lane enjoying your leisurely drive and disrupting the flow of traffic, they will pull you over. This is a civil infraction.

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