Earlier this week, long time friend and legendary Lansing bartender Earl Stevens, passed away at the age of 66.

Many new Earl from his years at Art's Bar on Kalamazoo Street. Years before that I met Earl as he pulled taps and poured drinks at Ramon's on South Washington. We quickly became friends and shared a million laughs. As I entered my career in radio, I would see Earl either working or just visiting some of the locations we would broadcast from.

If it was one thing that we shared a love for, it was cigars. He being the epitome of a Spartan fan and I on the opposite end, we would find common ground and share some of the best cigars that you money could buy, or the best that would be given to you. A rare find in today's society of political correctness, he said what was on his mind, wore shorts in -10 degree windchills and cheered on his Spartans. And for you and only you Earl, I will say this only once. "SPARTY ON!"

Thanks to the Lansing State Journal for a nice tribute to a great man!   Click Here

Photo Courtesy Earl Stevens/Facebook