The Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving this past Monday - at least, the actual holiday is the second Monday of October every year, but when I visited my brother and his wife at their cottage in Canada this past weekend, we had turkey and all the sides on Saturday. It was a little strange to have Thanksgiving dinner without football being a part of the day. Fear not - there were Major League Baseball playoffs on the TV all weekend!

My brother was in charge of the turkey on the spit, which I found was rather mesmerizing and could have stood there all day. However, my attention span for watching turkeys on a spit is realistically only about a minute at a time. Like my fancy video work?

It was a delicious feast and I'm not at all bitter that my brother beat me twice at cribbage during the holiday weekend. Nor am I upset that I lost Rummoli (Canadian board game), after leading the entire game before everyone wanted to quit, changed the rules and my nephew won.

Oh - and if you missed our side trip on the way to the cottage, check out pics here of some gorgeous Classic Cars at Legendary Motor Car Collection (based on the TV show, which I didn't know was a TV show!).

Rummoli Wine Winning Board Game Cards

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