My wife is constantly making fun of my hair. "You look like Bruce Banner right after he just got done hulking out." She calls it "my incredible Hulk" haircut. She laughs but it hurts... (Not really)

Not long ago, I gave myself a haircut. It wasn't as easy as everyone said and it really looked like I did it myself. Do I have any regrets? YES! I'll never do it again.

The last 2 days, I went to meet people to make a Facebook Marketplace sale. Both guys gave me what we agreed to with no issues. It was really a pleasant experience. But then I got home and saw my hair. I forget sometimes to look in a mirror. My hair was crazy. I looked like I just got out of a dryer. (I snapped a pic and posted it below... or above) I wondered if my crazy look worked in my favor. Now, I don't refer to it as Hulk Hair or Hockey Hair.... This is my "Deal Makin' Do."

JP Hair










This is not the DO you are looking for.

I KNOW I am not alone. I have seen some pretty crazy scalp warmers out there.

I would love to see your pandemic hair or the pandemic hair of someone you love. I would also like you to name the look. Please share a picture and I'll make the Pandemic Hair Gallery of the WMMQ listener. May the Force be with You.

I am just going to let mine go... Unless she keeps making fun of me.

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