The Great Liam Neeson was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Last night. Liam has one of the greatest voice and accent combinations in the world. He was amazing in The Lego Movie as "Good Cop/Bad Cop". When you hear his "Good Cop", it's impossible not to laugh thinking of him in a studio doing that voice.

I loved his bedtime stories bit. I really love everything he has ever done, except for Battle Ship. Schindler's List, Unknown, The Grey, Love Actually. Ok the last one was a joke. The hilarious bedtime story is below.

Liam's film "Run All Night" opens up this weekend. It looks like the Taken movies but this one features Ed Harris as his nemesis.

Plus, in Taken he has a daughter... This time they mess with his son. PLOT TWIST!

Liam lost his wife Natasha Richardson in 2009 and has not stopped working since. He has been a part of 33 projects since 2010. "The Grey" role featured a man who just lost his wife and was struggling with his will to survive. It had to be a complicated role to play but he gave one of the best performances of his career.

Liam will be the next Morgan Freeman and Sam Elliott. That voice will not be silenced.

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