As we creep up on the three-year anniversary of Carrie Fisher's passing, her presence still carries on in our hearts and in the "Star Wars" Skywalker Saga...and when it comes to electrifying her team!

As reported by Brandon Davis for Comicbook, even as recently as December 4th of this year, Fisher is still making her presence known after a coincidence too incredible to be anything else occurred at a press conference for the upcoming installment of the films, "Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker."

The panel consisting of director JJ Abrams, his fellow writers and producers, and stars of the film like Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver and more were answering questions and giving information about the film when we guess you could say "the force awakened."

Of course, Fisher was a topic of conversation throughout the discussion, but the most notable moment happened as Abrams was talking about how they still worked Fisher into the film.

As Abrams was speaking, the lights on the main stage shut off to which he simply said "Hi Carrie" and points out that it is totally something Carrie would do!

Looks like "the force" is still very much with Carrie Fisher, let's just hope it is with the rest of us as this iconic film series comes to a close.

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