Last week I put together a list of some of my favorite Halloween songs. e shared the list on Facebook and some listeners had some awesome suggestions too.

Jake said "It isn't Classic Rock but an Indiana band doing a song that dates back to the  1900's."  Harley Poe with the Herse Song.

Allen said "Anything from the Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Really? Anything?

James liked a newer Judas Priest tune called "The Spectre."

Larry said Alan Parsons Project "Tales of Mystery and Imagination." Larry Allen would have LOVED that pick.

Jeff brought up a bunch of great tunes but I'll include 2 here because I can't decide which one I live more.

Pet Sematary by the Ramones, Dream Warriors by Dokken, He’s Back the Man Behind the Mask by Alice Cooper, Trick or Treat by Fastway and God of Thunder by Kiss would all by most excellent choices.

Alice Cooper will show up on every list but that song was awesome. This video is better though.

Lee said "About 80% of Blue Öyster Cult’s discography makes a good Halloween song for me ha." Everyone talks about "Don't Fear the Reaper."

Marc brought up The Crazy World of Arthur Brown and man, am I glad someone reminded me of that crazy bastard.

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