I'm a firm believer that music brings people together. No matter the genre, humans love music. This week has been a tough week for all of us in Spartan Nation, mid Michigan, around the country and the world. We will not live in fear. Live music might be something that you could use right now.

We've had some really fun venues in Lansing over the years. The Silver Dollar on Michigan was legendary. The Temple Club in Lansing was always packed for shows. The Loft in Lansing was a favorite of mine too. We don't have a ton of bigger venues in Lansing. There are a couple in development now, but where do we go to come together and see live music now?

Lots of bars have live acts that you can go see. Depending on the day and time, you'll want to check their websites to confirm the show is a go! Venues also offer different styles on different nights. You might like rock, country or jazz. Odds are that you will find something in mid Michigan weekly that you can go check out and have some fun.

10 Best Live Music Venues in Lansing

The Junction - 410 S Clippert St, Lansing, MI 48912 - this is the former Whiskey Barrel, they are booking all kinds of acts from all kinds of genres. Food too.

Mac's Bar - 2700 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912 - Mac's closed and has reopened and it's better than ever and the bathrooms are clean.

The Green Door - 2005 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912 - St. Patty's Day is a blast at the Green Door.

UrbanBeat - 1213 Turner Rd, Lansing, MI 48906 - make it a date night.

Moriarty's Pub - 802 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912 - live music Thurs - Sat nights.

Stober's Bar - 812 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912 - visit Stober's after you hang at Mort's.

Ellison Brewing - 1314 S Washington Ave, Lansing, MI 48910 - grab a bite, a beer and some jams.

Dublin Square - 327 Abbot Rd, East Lansing, MI 48823 - food, friends, music and fun.

The Nuthouse - 420 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48933 - check their website out, Starfarm is playing soon.

The Avenue - 2021 E Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI 48912 - decent size room, the acoustics are good. Live music is fun at the Avenue.

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