Despite all of our methods for showing off our vacation spots instantly, wherever you go, there is still a rack of postcards in the gift shops.

Sure Instagram, Facebook and Twitter can give bright colored images within milliseconds of posting, nothing says "Having a great time, wish you were here" like a postcard. The photo will inherently be better than anything Aunt Deb takes with her super cell phone camera. And it makes a tangible statement. that says you actually took the time to think of one person or family and wrote out a note. Now whether you really wished they were there or not is beside the point.

And with that tangible memory in hand, you can collect everyone else's memories and make them yours. Some of them, can bring a pretty penny as well. All depending on subject matter, production, artist and even down to the sender or recipient! The only way to find out is by going to a swap meet or postcard collectors show. There you can get many different opinions and maybe even an estimated value.

One such show is happening this Saturday at the Okemos Masonic Temple located at 2175 Hamilton Road in Downtown Okemos, MI from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

You can visit with buyers and sellers or start a new hobby that keeps history alive and teaches you something as well.


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