The Lansing area has a lot to do. There are plenty options for food, entertainment, outdoor activities, hiking, swimming and more. Love Lansing, Like A Local why don't ya?

Lansing once held "Be A Tourist In Your Own Town". It was a one day event that was created to shine a light on Lansing. The goal was to get as many people out during the one day event to explore the attractions and activities that Lansing has to offer. This year, the event has evolved into an entire summer of fun!

My family and I always looked for to "Be A Tourist". It's good to know that Lansing is still keeping things moving in the right direction. One of the biggest complaints about "Be A Tourist" was that it only took place during one day. Now you have the whole summer to enjoy Lansing and the metro area.

Tracy Padot, VP of Marketing Communications for the GLCVB said:

Our number one request to improve Be a Tourist was to offer it more than one day. And we agree, why limit our promotions to just one day? What residents should know is that the overwhelming majority of our area attractions offer free or very nominal admission fees. So, they’re encouraged to be a tourist at any time this summer

That's great information. You can explore many attractions in Lansing for no charge.

The GLCVB has developed a comprehensive list of dozens of attractions, indoor activities and outdoor recreation spots. Explore the museums, science centers, arts and family friendly fare. Discover adventures for all ages right in your own backyard.

Let's do it! Love Lansing Like A Local.

How can you help? Revenue is important for any community and the GLCVB says:

Prior to the pandemic tourism in the Greater Lansing region generated $682 million in economic impact. We know there is pent up demand for travel and with gas prices continuing to rise – it’s no better time than to plan a summer staycation!

Let's work together, have fun and support each other in Lansing and we can watch the city continue to grow.

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