According to an article at today, the Lansing School District is looking at significant adjustments to its schools, curriculum, and structure to help improve test scores for the Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP).  MEAP is what the State Board of Education uses to gauge student achievement within Michigan school districts. Low scores can result in a reduction funds or even state takeover of individual schools and districts.

One of the changers proposed would be to transition Willow Elementary School into an all-boys' school. It would be the first public school in the state to do so. Because of the school's low test scores, the state has labeled it "high priority" according to the article. But, of course, a dramatic proposal is bound to have its proponents and naysayers. The article says that Willow would have to replace nearly half of its staff to make the change. And, there could be potential violations of Title IX equality laws.

The district is in the early investigative stages of this plan. And they vow to seek input from parents and citizens before rendering any sort of final decision.