Hulk Hogan brought me in but I stayed for the Macho Man. Back when Rocky III came out in 1982, I started watching wrestling because of "Thunderlips" in Rocky III. That was Hulk Hogan's character who wrestled the Rocky character. Thunderlips seemed larger than life. Until you started watching wrestling and discovered the "Macho Man" Randy Savage was larger than life. He was hilarious with his interviews/promos and was a very entertaining person to see. Maybe it was Miss Elizabeth? But I was a huge Macho fan back in the day. I was crushed when he had a heart attack and passed in 2011 at age 58. So, that year, I was Macho Man for Halloween.

Today, I saw the 10 things you may not know about Macho Man. Click here to see the story. There were a few things even I didn't know. Snap into it!

My least favorite Randy moment is when he tried his hand in rapping.

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