With the recent re-shutdown of bars in Michigan, I might just be the closest you'll get to a bartender this Independence Day weekend and it's an honor.

This is absolutely not to toot my own horn but, uh, "toot-toot" because while I have never "officially" been a bartender and have very basic skills, I am great at adapting already-existing recipes and ideas!

We made this, specific, drink for our 2018 Fourth of July celebration and it was a smash hit. So much so, it is now our go-to for summer days when we don't know what else we want.

Our friend whose bartending skills are out of this world was even pleasantly surprised by how good this is which definitely boosted my ego enough to confidently share it with all of you.

Now enough backstory, let's get to what you really came here for, the drink!

I present to you, the "Freedom Fizz".

Mait's Freedom Fizz

Now this is not an advertisement at all, but Smirnoff really knocked it out of the park with Red, White and Berry. After you make the drink itself, definitely put any leftover vodka to good use...I'm talking about SHOTS! I promise you don't even need a chaser.

If you do not drink or have young kids who want to partake in making this fun, festive drink, you can definitely just use the ice, "Bomb Pops" and lemon-lime soda to make a virgin version.

As always, know your limits, if you're drinking this please don't drive, stay safe no matter how you choose to celebrate and, of course, have fun!

Happy Fourth, friends!

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