"Bubba" Watson won the Masters for the second time in 3 years yesterday. Then went out and had his victory celebration at " The Waffle House." Does this guy know how to party or what?

If you didn't see the match between Bubba and 20 year-old Jordan Spieth for the Masters Championship, it was an instant classic. They went back and forth on the front 9. True professional golfing was on display for everyone who decided to watch, even though Tiger wasn't playing. It was the best golf duel I have seen in years. At hole 8, Spieth had a 2 shot lead. He was 2 down when they made the turn 2 holes later. A 4 stroke swing in 2 holes did Spieth in and Bubba never looked back. On the 13th hole he laced a 360 foot drive on a par 5 leaving him just 140 yards out. He used a 56 degree sand wedge and 2 putted for a birdie. Driver, Wedge on a par 5 in the PGA tour AT THE MASTERS! Unthinkable!

Tiger Woods reputation rolled over in it's grave. The Masters course is basically built to make winning more difficult for Tiger. It seems like it's easier for lefties to win now. That's 5 titles in 11 years for left handed golfers at the Masters. It appears the course designers in Augusta are a bunch of lefty sympathizers.

Here are 5 facts about the two time Masters Champion.

Fact #5 was his real name is Gerry. His dad nicknamed him after former MSU, NFL and star of the Police Academy movies, Bubba Smith. Did you know Bubba Smith's real name? It wasn't Moses Hightower. Charles Aaron Bubba Smith. Bubba Smith was from Texas and wanted to play for the Longhorns but chose MSU because of racial segregation at Texas. Bubba Smith passed away in August of 2011. He was a great, giant Spartan with a wonderful heart. It is nice to see his name passed on to another great, giant driving human with a wonderful heart.

Bubba and his wife Angie adopted their son Caleb in 2012 and were turned down a few times by adoption agencies. Click here to see the people.com story.

Not too shabby for a guy who never had a formal golf lesson.

Bubba and Caleb Watson courtesy of Getty Images