Aside from this being an amazing prank, we figured we'd think of what the most "typical Michigan" thing would you find in your car?

So this man my boyfriend Jordan found on Facebook is a prankster that shares his videos with the masses...and has definitely gotten himself into trouble before in the process.

The people he seeks out to prank are usually members of the general public.

For this one, he got a cheap car, lots of Spaghetti-o's and a mechanic shop owner who was willing to let "RossCreations" pull a fast one over one of the mechanics.

So, what they did is they took the fuel tank off of the cheap car, filled it with seemingly endless cans of the uncooked spaghetti rings (without meatballs, no less) and pushed it up to the mechanic shop.

Chaos and laughter ensues as the mechanic goes to check the fuel lines only for pasta to fall out.

Honestly, the more Spaghetti-o's this mechanic finds and the more he says "Spaghetti-o's" it had me bursting with laughter...and also really craving Spaghetti-o's.

Before I spoil the whole thing for you, just give it a watch! I promise it is worth it:

Now even though this video is really a prank, how could we take it and Michigan-ify it? Or rather, "what would the most Michigan thing be to pull this off?"

Following This Guy's Style You Could: 

  • Fill the windshield washer fluid basin with Faygo
  • Use Vernors instead of coolant and just say "I thought it cured everything!"
  • This one could take some time but fashion a tire out of fudge and ask why your tire is melting.
  • Fill your fuel tank with Biggby Coffee and say "It's energy, right?"
  • Stick Coney Dogs in your exhaust pipe

We're just going to go ahead and stop there because, honestly, why would anyone do this? Especially knowing Michigan's relationship with cars.

Anyways, this is just the kind of (stupid) silliness we all need sometimes.

How would you pull off this prank?

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