A stint in Megadeth must expose a person to all kinds of crazy things -- but for their former drummer Nick Menza, the most shocking sight of all was hovering right in the sky above his own front yard.

That's what Menza claims in his latest YouTube video, anyway. The 46-second clip, uploaded July 22 (and embedded above), claims to depict some sort of colorful unidentified flying object in the night sky outside his house. "I was standing in my front yard with my two boys and this what we saw," he writes in the description. "Not sure what it is but it's totally awesome!"

Menza's fascination with the possibility of alien life is well-known to Megadeth fans -- as well as band leader Dave Mustaine, who's said that a conversation during the sessions for the group's alien-themed 1990 track 'Hangar 18' contributed to Menza's eventual ouster from the lineup in 1998. "I wrote the song and called it 'N2RHQ,'" claimed Mustaine. "It was like the numbers on the side of a plane. It was a future-tech thing. It was kind of sci-fi where I would go someplace in the future into space. Not that I saw an alien. Menza is the guy who believes in UFOs. If you look at his website or if you listen to his solo music, it shows you where he's at in his life. Nick said something that I found really juvenile and offensive. He told me that Jesus was an alien and he could levitate. That was the end of me taking Nick seriously -- I believed in God ever since I was a kid."

Author J. Marshall Craig, who worked with Menza on his upcoming memoir 'Menzalife,' promises the book will include plenty of Menza's extraterrestrial thoughts. "It’s a memoir of music," he explained in a press release, "But a lot more. It’s a book about chasing the ultimate gig, the ultimate drum setup, the ultimate sound and, it will come as not surprise to Nick’s fans, the ultimate aliens, government conspiracies and anything else his muse sees fit to lay across his path."

"There's a lot of funny things in it," Menza added during a recent interview. "It's all true stuff. There's some government conspiracies and alien cover-ups and all kinds of stuff in there... All the evolution of everything is from alien technology. Before, back in the Stone Ages, like when we were just regular humans, we didn't have brains in us and then the aliens came down and they intervened and they put brains in our heads and now we're all smart and we're starting to figure things out, ascending to the next level and a higher level of conscious awareness and that sort of stuff."