Growing up around Otisville, it was normal to stop at Hamady Brother's for groceries in Davison. (See more about Hamady in 6 Flint Area Businesses We Miss.) When Hamady went out of business we started going to Meijer on Center Road in Burton, frequently. Also, it's not plural 'Meijer's'... just Meijer.

How long has Meijer been in business in Michigan?

  • Meijer was started in Greenville, Michigan in 1934 and has expanded operations to Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Wisconsin. (You don't realize how much you miss Meijer until you move away for 10+ years.)

Is Meijer getting rid of big stores?

  • Meijer has been known for giant stores selling everything from fresh produce to automotive goods and everything in between. Now, they're opening stores with a smaller footprint focused on grocery-only. 'Supercenters' aren't necessarily going away.

Where are the smaller Meijer stores?

  • The first two of these new, smaller Meijer stores will be called "Meijer Grocery" opening in Orion and Macomb Township around Metro Detroit. While they won't feature clothing and other general merchandise departments -- you'll still have a pharmacy, floral department, deli, meat counter etc.
  • Meijer has even gone as far as to build even more unique neighborhood markets. For instance, Royal Oak has a 'Woodward Corner Market.' It opened in 2020 and specializes in convenience with ready-made meals, locally made products and frozen & fresh foods, too.
Trevor Dernai
Trevor Dernai

When will the new Meijer stores open?

  • The first two, smaller, stores will open toward the end of January 2023. No details have been shared about possible future locations, at this time.

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Why is Meijer building smaller grocery stores?

  • According to their Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Meijer, Don Sanderson, "added convenience" is the main reason. Locally made brands will sell next to national brands and even the layout will evolve.
  • Corner entrances will create more "up front" parking. Plus, giant garage doors (like you'd see at trendy restaurants) that will open during warmer months to showcase produce, etc. Plus, shop & scan will allow you to scan items as you shop. Then, give you a barcode to scan and pay on your way out. That should speed up the check-out process.
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The Meijer we've grown up with... known & loved is continuing to evolve to our shopping tastes -- and neighborhood aesthetics. Now, if they could do something about inflationary prices and the price of gas -- I'd be even happier. But this is a good start.

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