If you find yourself needing to buy more than two of the same bottle of liquor, you may want to go to a local liquor store!

Meijer stores, as MLive reports, are making sure that there is enough liquor to go around this holiday season for everyone to party with which is why they are setting a “two-per customer” limit for similar bottles of liquor.

Honestly, this is not a bad idea and if someone really does need five bottles of the same type of vodka, they should probably buy it somewhere else...or just buy bigger bottles.

Don’t you worry, though, according to MLive, this rule will only apply to liquor, not beer, wine or those fun liquor-themed gift sets.

So unless you are making like one of those people in a story problem from math class and plan to fill an entire cart with one type of liquor, you should be alright!

To reiterate, though, you are limited to two PER ITEM so if you want multiple different types of booze, that is okay. It just means you can only buy two bottles of Jack Daniels, for example, but then could also still warm your spirits with two bottles of Fireball (and so on…)

The reason for this is not to try to control people, but more-so to just plan ahead for any potential shortages (like many other products we’ve seen this happen with in 2020)

MLive said Frank Gugliemi, a spokesperson for Meijer, illustrated that point to TV station WPBN/WGTU by saying they don’t want to leave some shoppers without necessities for their holiday cocktails. 

While we are “boozin’ it up” in smaller groups this holiday season, this really isn’t such a bad move by Meijer! However, if you feel like you need more than two bottles per type of liquor to drink away how bad this year has been, more power to ya...just have to shop elsewhere. We suggest supporting your local party store.

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