I probably would have lost it this year without my daughter. I wrote a lot about her this year because she is the person I spent the most time with.

Back in March, before the shutdown, we pulled her out of preschool. Not long after, the people at work gave me the tools to broadcast live from my house and I still haven't left. My wife still hasn't gone back to work. We are lucky enough to still have our jobs AND be working from home. They are long hours but we are very grateful.

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It's been one of the strangest years of my lifetime. I never imagined a virus could become political but here we are. We won't be getting together with our family because half of them will not wear masks. We will not be risking our child's life for ANYTHING. Our little drummer girl has Down Syndrome and those with Down Syndrome are highly likely, 10 times more likely to die if they get this virus. The numbers are why I rarely leave.

My family is going through pandemic fatigue just like everyone but getting angry at people for a virus is pretty silly. The virus has made some people act pretty silly. Now is the time when people are going to slip. Christmas is not worth dying for. We will have plenty of time to get together in the future.

Until then, stay safe. Not for me. For my little girl and the millions of at risk people. Please wear a mask. I PROMISE... The mask won't kill you.

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