It could be 20 years in prison for 46 year-old Coy Brooks. A woman from Petoskey who has been sentenced to serve 68 months to 20 years in prison for delivery of methamphetamine. She was convicted of running a drug house and in possession of amphetamines in December. Authorities say she was one of the largest drug dealers in the north, EVER. They said they have heard of few people moving more smack in their community. She would drive to Flint to get the drugs, then distribute them up north. She sold smack to an undercover officer in March and April last year... During the lockdown.

Click here to get the full story and check out her mugshot.

Just last week, there was one of the largest meth busts in years up north. Click here to see that Methed Up story. A 19 year-old was busted with some party favors. A pound of meth, Fentanyl and more!

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Up North, Michigan has a reputation of being good, clean and wholesome. It's the place we used to take our family vacations but here is no place free of drugs in this country.

Some people move up there to get away from their problems in the city but the problems seem to follow them, even in the good ol' up north.

It really is a fun place to party EVEN without the hard drugs and especially this time of year, a beautiful place to visit. Maybe just lock your stuff up from now on?


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