Sounds like someone had too much to drink this weekend Up North.

A 38 year-old Michigan man is cooling his heels in JAIL. This weekend he decided to stab his wife, leave her for dead in the Michigan cold, then try and outrun police. It sounds like a video game but it really happened in Michigan Saturday night.

Guy stabs wife in car. She managed to escape in the freeze of Michigan by Indian River. He chases her down and stabs her some more and makes his escape.

Later, a police officer tries to pull him over. He does is best Bo and Luke Duke until the officer uses the Precision Immobilization Technique to pull him over.

The dude is held at Cheboygan County Jail on charges of fleeing and elude and operating while intoxicated. (Attempted murder? Aggravated assault? Stalking?) The woman needed emergency surgery but is expected to make a complete recovery.

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