An Ogemaw County man is dead after accidentally stirring up a wasp nest over the weekend.

According to MLive, 64-year-old Daniel K. Hoffman was working on the shed or garage near his home in Mills Township in Ogemaw County. While pulling up some siding, he ran across a nest of hornets, wasps, or bees.

Those nasty bastards attacked Hoffman who was obviously allergic to bees. His wife ran outside to try and help by giving two doses from EpiPens to counter the allergic reaction, but the poor guy died before paramedics made it to their home.

That's really a rough way to go, my heart goes out to his family who must be absolutely devastated.

The other day while working in my yard, I ran into a nasty nest myself which ended up being inside the walls of my house. Luckily I didn't get stung, probably because I took off running like a screaming little girl.

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