Art Prize will return in 2021 with a new format. This year they are doing something never done at this event before, they are having an auction so people have the opportunity to purchase the art. Art Prize has always had juried awards, which will continue. There are over a thousand artists signed up  and over 120 venues will be displaying art. Even though many have signed up already, artists still have until June 10th to get registered. $250,000 in prizes are being offered this year to the artists.

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“This has been the fastest road to 1,000 we’ve ever had,” new ArtPrize Executive Director Craig Searer told News 8 Monday. “So we’ve had over 1,000 artists in the very first week register for ArtPrize 2021. So we eclipsed … our internal goal for that.” ArtPrize is promising a new “enhanced” digital map to help you navigate around downtown to find art during the competition, which runs Sept. 16 to Oct. 3. Organizers are encouraging a lot of outdoor art as a coronavirus mitigation measure.

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After two years without Art Prize, the appetite is high. The event was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, and in 2019 it was not held due to an affiliated public art event. They have chosen 11 parks around the downtown Grand Rapids area, with the goal of keeping viewers safe and to be able to experience art in the safe outdoor space as well as indoor spaces at downtown businesses.

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