A massive rescue effort took place in Michigan's Upper Peninsula earlier this week after 19 people became trapped inside a cabin due to heavy snow.

According to Upper Michigan's Source, the ten children and nine adults were rescued on Monday after being stuck inside a family cabin in Menominee County for over two days. They family members ranged in age from 1 to 64 years old.

First responders were called to North Gaber Road off of M-69 in Spalding Township. The cabin was said to be located about six miles off M-69 on an unplowed road that had up to two feet of snow on it. The rescue was not easy as the Menominee County Road Commission and Harris Fire plowed most of the road until two trucks became stuck in the snow. First responders from several other fire departments became involved and eventually a Polaris Ranger was used to reach the cabin and rescue the stranded people.

The owner of a nearby tavern took the family in after the rescue for about five hours, giving them coffee and hot cocoa, before they left for home.


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