We all know nothing good ever REALLY happens after saying "hold my beer", especially in Michigan.

Well, this poor Pontiac-area person fell victim to a strange carjacking where, MLive reports, they were not only asked to hold the thief's beer but to actually open it!

I would like to let this be known right now, if someone were to steal my car right in front of me and handed me a beer, I would honestly assume they were giving it to me as a way to maybe "soften the blow" but that is absolutely not what happened here.

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According to MLive, the incident happened when the victim, 48, was stopped at a stop sign like a normal, law-abiding citizen when the suspect approached.

The unidentified suspect told the victim to roll down his window, after which he let himself into the vehicle, brandished a pistol and had the victim drive to a secondary location.

When they arrived, MLive cites from the police report, the suspect then made the victim open his beer, then he drank it, threw it out the window, threatened to kill the victim if he didn't also give up his belongings along with the vehicle and just drove off into the night.

This story, while the beer part does make me giggle, actually reminds me of a reoccurring nightmare I've had for years where I get carjacked and kidnapped so while I feel for the victim I also can't help but sit and think "wow, glad that wasn't me."

Apparently, according to MLive and WXYZ Detroit, the suspect remains unidentified and at large so if you happen to see a man in his 30's driving a black 2003 Ford Expedition with a single blue front hub cap and a silver front plate featuring the CAT logo then feel free to contact to Oakland County Sheriff's Office.

Now someone get that victim a beer of his own...and, you know, probably get his car back too...

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