How do you get a stoner to your business? Well, weed obviously but other than that its the next best thing... food!

This amazing HIGHdea came from the Greenhouse, a dispensary in Walled Lake, MI who is hopping on the Popeye's chicken sandwich craze-train by giving them away for free to the first 200 customers on Friday evening.

As if that wasn't good enough, five of those sandwiches will contain a $100 gift card to the dispensary. Very clever, Willy Wonka. Another favorite of potheads.

The owner of the dispensary told The Detroit News that he decided to try the sandwich after the hype and he thought it was delicious (major munchies I'm sure). So delicious that he's going to stand in line for them himself so customers don't have to.

Get those trees lit because December 1st is officially Christmas -- when dispensaries in Michigan will be able to start selling marijuana recreationally.

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