As a fan of Bob Ross and the outdoors, this is the way to get someone like me who hates running to maybe give it a "happy little" try!

While making Bob Ross and his work the theme for the 5K is unique in itself, the DNR took it one step further by making it a virtual 5K, as MLive reports.

How does a "virtual 5K" work?

Well, basically participants register for the event hosted by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources then are encouraged to walk, run, skip, jump or hike their 5K anywhere outdoors in Michigan.

The mere satisfaction is not all, though!

Every participant in the 5K will receive a T-shirt, an actual bib number and medal, a caricature of Bob Ross featured on various other materials and memorabilia and Ross' face will be plastered all over signs around various state parks.

Registration is open now and thanks to the high demand for participation, what was once capped at 1,000 participants was bumped up to 25,000 because there is room for everyone to run through Michigan's "Happy Little Trees."

The race goes for two weekends and is in perfect time for Earth Day, April 17th through the 26th of 2020 and there are multiple group meet ups so people can run, enjoying nature together in a way Bob Ross would truly be proud to see!

Now I just have one question, does painting along while binge-watching “The Joy of Painting” count as cardio to train for this? Asking for a friend...

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