Meet the luckiest dog in Michigan, Cody.

Imagine the horror of not only getting separated from your family but falling 100-feet off a cliff and not having the ability to scream for help. That's exactly the predicament one dog found himself in.

On Tuesday while enjoying Michigan's great outdoors with his family, Cody fell 100-feet off a cliff in Newaygo along the Muskegon River. His family says that Cody lost his footing on an icy hill. Michigan DNR Conservation Officer Jeff Ginn was notified on Wednesday morning. He immediately hopped into a patrol vessel and gave search for the good boy.

About an hour later Officer Ginn located Cody. Cody was cold and wet but was happy to warm up in the patrol vehicle with a blanket while being transferred back to his loving family.

Cody's family was incredibly grateful for Conservation Officer Jeff Ginn's efforts saying;

I don’t know what situation we would be in if you wouldn’t have been able to rescue him.

Turns out Cody was adopted from a shelter in Newago County over 14 years ago. The senior dog is said to be doing very well. His family says he is a little sore but luckily landed on a sandy area after his 100-foot fall from an icy cliff. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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