While it's true we remain in a pandemic, the opioid epidemic still shows no signs of slowing down.

A drug deal went wrong in Pontiac, Michigan early yesterday morning. ALLEGEDLY, a 51 year-old man went to a house looking for prescription drugs. Then after he couldn't score the drugs, he attacked 2 men. A 27 year-old man was found dead in a pool of blood in the house. Officers followed a trail of blood where they found the unconscious, likely overdosed 51 year-old suspect. Another 59 year-old man suffered injuries.

Click here to see the full BRUTAL story. 

I know many stories of people who got addicted to drugs through the pharmacy and legally. In one case, a professional was so addicted to Oxycontin after a root canal, he broke into a pharmacy. Once inside the pharmacy, he realized he may have a problem and called the authorities FROM INSIDE THE PHARMACY he broke into. That is some strong stuff.

Why he was prescribed Oxycontin for root canal is the more burning question. Fueling the opioid epidemic was doctors prescribing drugs that were intended for cancer patients, for some, when they can no longer get prescriptions, they are so addicted they turn to the streets. It's why the heroin/Fentanyl epidemic has taken Prince and Tom Petty. You can be helplessly addicted after using it just once... You would kill for more.

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