Jeff has been a friend of mine and the station a long time. He recently told me about his project and I thought it was worth sharing because it hits close to home with many families. The opioid epidemic. Here is what Jeff had to say:

Hey Joey know I've had a vision of doing some awesome stuff. Well..since losing two relatives to heroin...I have created a program titled The Lazaros Project: Reviving our Youth. I'm never one to blow my own horn...but I have some extremely valuable stories of growing up in the D that can help our young people understand the dangers and consequences of drug use and abuse. Because I'm not a famous ex athlete or someone who's donated millions to MSU..its hard to get taken seriously. Please watch my attached video to see how serious I am . Thanks brother Joey

Click here to see the video he attached.

It's pretty sobering. in 2017, over 70 thousand Americans died of opioid overdoses.

Click here to find the Lazaros Project on Facebook. 

He was on the Morning Blend last year. Click here to see that.

Check out his website and get more information by clicking here.