Some people just have to learn the hard way, I guess, but who ever thinks this is a good idea?

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Whether it is in the sky or on the street...just don't do it. If you've ever had a laser pointer (you know, one of those little ones you use to fool around with cats) you probably have heard or been warned to not shine it at anyone's eyes.

So can someone explain why this man in the Detroit area thought it would be a great idea to shine a laser at a Michigan State Policefelo helicopter?

According to MLive, Anthony Scott Wagner, 34, was arrested recently after MSP helicopter "Trooper Two" was assisting local police and noticed a laser shining at the aircraft.

They then got a search warrant, arrested Wagner and MLive says he was arraigned on June 11th on one count of "directed energy aimed at an aircraft"...which is a felony.

The Laws on Lasers

Yes, this is a law and The Michigan Penal Code clearly states "A person shall not intentionally aim a beam of directed energy emitted from a directed energy device at an aircraft or into the path of an aircraft or a moving train."

There are some exceptions but for the most part they say if you do this you could face a felony charge that comes with a 5-year prison sentence, a $10,000 fine, or BOTH.

So what is a "directed energy device"? Well, Michigan Penal Code also spells that out for us and they say it "means any device that emits highly focused energy and is capable of transferring that energy to a target to damage or interfere with its operation."

Included in their list of devices that fall under this, of course, is lasers.

Breaking The Law, Breaking The Law

So what's going to happen to Wagner?

Well, MLive says at his arraignment, he stood quietly as a "not guilty" plea "was entered on his behalf, according to court records.

They also say the judge set Wagner's bail at $75,000.

All, of which, is already a hefty price to pay for whatever possessed him to think this was a good idea...and we're not even to the charges or sentencing yet.

Let this man be a lesson to all of us...don't be dumb with lasers.

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