It's been said for years, that Michigan mosquitoes are big enough to carry off small children and that it should replace the robin as our State bird.

Well, after much consideration, the State of Michigan has adopted a new road sign, stating the a fore mentioned comments. Acknowledging that we do have a tremendous mosquito problem and warning motorists of the danger that lies ahead.

Crews have been set to put these sings in areas that are prone to standing water and low lying swamplands. Places where the winged harbingers of discomfort like to breed and congregate before unleashing themselves on unsuspecting victims.

You can help eliminate the threat of mosquitoes in your area by draining standing, stagnate water from kids pools, old tires and places that can be drained easily.

Don't take a chance at contracting the disease du jour or a crop of those itchy little bumps that will make you scratch and squirm for hours. And watch for the new signs!

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