The Lansing State Journal reports that legislation has been introduced to the Michigan House of Representatives that would allow for college athletes to make money off of their name and image Wednesday.

There are actually two different bills that have been introduced to lawmakers. One would allow for student athletes to receive compensation from a business for using the name, likeness, or image of a particular athlete, such as for a sponsorship or advertising contract. The other bill would allow college athletes to enter into contracts with agents.

Representatives Brandt Iden (R-Kalamazoo) and Joe Tate (D-Detroit) proposed the two bills, respectively. Both are former college athletes.

These bills come after California passed a bill in October to allow college athletes to benefit from endorsements and autograph signings. Additionally, the NCAA announced its intentions to allow its players to earn money from sponsors starting in 2021. If passed, the Michigan laws would take effect in July 2020.

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