We've all seen them tooling around town before. They're very popular among the older generations in Northern Michigan resort towns. Hell, if you venture to any given MSU Home Football Saturday, you'll see dozens of supposedly "street legal" golf carts hauling university staff and dignitaries all over campus. But, apparently, it's all technically illegal in Michigan according to current state law. Whether local law enforcement officials turn a blind eye to the infraction is a different story in and of itself...until somebody is injured in an accident. Then what?

According to an article at mlive.com, the Michigan House of Representatives will vote today on a bill that would open the door for some local governments to allow golf carts in their community...if certain criteria is met. The bill would only apply to cities, townships, and villages of less than 30,000 residents. Golf cart operators would have to maintain a 15 MPH speed limit, and would be restricted to streets with automobile speed limits of 30 MPH or lower. Drivers and passengers would not be required to wear a helmet, would have to drive as close to the side of the road as possible, and would not be able to make no-fault claims if an accident were to take place. Owners would  not be required to carry no-fault insurance on their golf carts.