Ready, set, GO! Morels are popping in Indiana and will likely be in Michigan this weekend.

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Many in Michigan are about to experience their first 80-degree day of 2022. Saturday's temperatures are forecasted to be in the lower 80s and 70s for much of West and Central Michigan.

Matthew Peek Jr. was lucky enough to find several in the east-central Indiana city of Lafayette on Thursday, April 22, 2022. That can only mean Michigan is not far behind especially with a favorable forecast making for the perfect excuse to get outdoors.

Here's what you need to know to hunt morels:

  1. Know the difference between morels and poisonous false morels. There are 4 types of true morels and 2 lookalikes that could make you sick or worse. Learn how to identify the different types by clicking here.
  2. When to find morels. May is morel month in Michigan, but according to the state of Michigan, the actual fruiting period is from late April until mid-June, depending on the location, species, and weather. Warm and wet conditions are best so heading out after the rain on a warm day can be fruitful. The state even has a helpful map showing state burn sites. Morels love to pop up after a fire in wooded areas.
  3. How to properly harvest and store morels. Use a pocket knife to cut the stem to collect the morel. Storing your morels in a mesh bag or basket will keep moisture from spoiling your prize while also allowing spores to drop and become morels in the future. Don't collect decaying, damaged, morels with wormholes. Use a soft-bristled brush to clean debris from the mushroom. Bonus tip: Soak the morels in cool water or salt water if you are not a fan of grit. Find cooking tips here.
  4. How to store morels. Refrigerate the mushrooms in a paper bag if you will be using them within a day or two. If you want to wait to cook up a large batch or just store them for longer-term use you can freeze or dehydrate those gems. Find recipes here.

Happy hunting!

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Mushroom lover Bill Windsor showed off a small collection of morel mushrooms he found recently. The morels have a meaty flavor. Denver Post photo by Karl Gehring. (4-26-03)
Denver Post via Getty Images
Morel Mushroom (Courtesy Tim Bachman - Kalamazoo)
Morel Mushroom (Courtesy Tim Bachman - Kalamazoo)
Osseo Heritage Day & Great Mushroom Hunt 2018 - 97.18 pounds of morel mushrooms
Osseo Heritage Day & Great Mushroom Hunt 2018 - 97.18 pounds of morel mushrooms

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