Kroger will be the latest retailer to begin carrying CBD this week. They say they will have topical products like lotions, balms, oils and creams. You can get the full story by clicking here. 

I know the pot snobs will think Kroger will have their own stoner section now but CBD DOES NOT GET YOU HIGH! It may help with an ache or pain, anxiety or insomnia. It probably could work for whatever you want it to.

A few weeks ago, Family Video began carrying a line of CBD drops and gummies. I went in and asked how it was going and the cashier said they should start to call it Family CBD because the response had been so great. The CBD was 30 bucks and the Videos are much cheaper.

Better Health, Foods for Living and GNC all carry CBD. Plus, yoga studios, salons and gas stations are all joining the craze.

I bet the movie theatre will offer a line before too long.



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