WILX.com is reporting that Michigan lawmakers are once again making a run at legally allowing dogs to be on restaurant patios in the state. Senate Bill 122 and House Bill 4187 would allow dog owners to take their companions to dinner or drinks in an outdoor public patio setting under these conditions:

  • Dogs would not be allowed to walk through a main entrance or dining area, there must be direct patio access for dogs to join in.
  • The owner must have the dog under control.
  • Dogs would not be allowed to touch tabletops, sit in chairs, or on somebody's lap.
  • Patios must be waste free.
  • Any server directly contacting a dog must wash their hands before resuming service of food or drink.
  • Dogs would not be able to be in a food prep area, and must be accompanied at all times by somebody 18 or older.

These bills would not disallow local municipalities from passing ordinances banning dogs on patios.

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