Michigan is back on top! The biggest gas price rise of any state in the nation! We're #1! U.S.A.! Click here to see that story from the Detroit Free Press.

This story comes just months after hearing rumors of gas under a dollar. I was so young and naive when I wrote that article less than a month ago. I must have been high on fumes to believe that. I was optimistic and hopeful. 2 dollar gas isn't the change I believed in.

They say in the article, it looks like a roller coaster with more up and downs than a Charlie Sheen mattress. Well, I made that part up but the roller coaster line is true. They throw around big words like refinery maintenance and "it's still lower than it was last year."

Couldn't they take these maintenance costs out of money that is budgeted for that? Or out of their profits? Crazy talk.