I was going to start off this article with the line “I hate mosquitoes”. But I decided that was too common and a no-brainer. I mean, who the heck LIKES ‘em? Maybe toads and frogs who use ‘em for a quick snack…but otherwise, that might be about it.

It really does seem that Michigan has more mosquitoes than other places, doesn’t it? We are not that tolerant when it comes to these little minions of Satan.

To answer the question “why are there so many in Michigan?”, just look at a map. What do you see? Thousands and thousands of lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, brooks, water-filled sinkholes, lagoons, swamps…all in an endless supply. Michigan is skeeter paradise. Especially anywhere there is standing water - basically swamps, wetlands, rain puddles…and anywhere hot and humid. Yep, that’s all found in Michigan.

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With the ever-growing negativity toward pesticides and town ordinances banning city-wide spraying, the skeeters seem to breed and multiply abundantly. With rain puddles not evaporating thanks to continuous days of rain, the mosquitoes experience excellent breeding. Outdoor wading pools, pet water dishes, bird baths…any place with standing water is a mosquito’s version of a toga party orgy.

The irritating, constant itching caused by these little vampires isn’t the only downside: some Michigan Mosquitoes spread the West Nile virus, which has had outbreaks in our state every year since 2002.

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes seem to like to bite YOU and not the people around you? Griffin has a few possible explanations:
1) The more you exert yourself, the more carbon dioxide you exhale. It’s like an aphrodisiac and they will zip over in your direction.
2) They dig your B.O. too. Haven’t bathed in a while? Expect a mosquito visit; sweat & bacteria attract ‘em. Plus, the food you eat can affect your sweat odor…banquet time for the skeets.
3) They love dark-color clothes, which explains why they’re always biting me through my blue jeans.
4) They also love beer drinkers and…..
5) Pregnant women.

So during mosquito season, watch what you eat, watch what you wear, keep your home dry, and bathe at least every other day. As for the beer and getting pregnant, you’re on your own.


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